PunchTown is a leading, UK owned, high-quality brand name offering stylish and innovative products developed specifically for MMA, combat sports and martial arts competition.

Striving for perfection doesn't come easy. It's a tough road to walk. There are no junctions for complacency. It's a one-way journey along an uncompromising path. Tameless storms seek to obstruct and discourage continuation but to those who persevere, a destination of excellence is found. Welcome to PunchTown.

Built on the foundation of providing gear that will never stand down, never compromise and always smile in the face of the dismissive, PunchTown is the true fighters haven.

Always evolving and rarely ordinary, PunchTown introduces new products and innovative designs to compliment the ever evolving and increasingly popular MMA and combat sport phenomenon. With its unique and edgy style, PunchTown walks where others dare not follow. Standing firm in the belief of its motto 'Take it Too Far', PunchTown continues in the pursuit of breaking the mould of convention, no matter who stands in their way. 

From their humble beginnings as a free online Martial Arts club directory which encouraged town based inter-club fighting (hence the name PunchTown), to its ground-breaking 2nd generation product range incorporating features such as TAT2 leather technology and Boa-Tite closures, PunchTown displays relentless diversity in order to achieve its goals. Few others can claim to have gained the ground that PunchTown has in such a short space in time. With so much more to offer, the battle has only just begun.