In Stock Now!... Washable Boxing Gloves

Scare off your opponents for all the right reasons with our limited edition washable boxing gloves.

Using the latest sublimation printing technology, you'll be able to keep your gloves smelling fresh and feeling clean without having to compromise the classic PunchTown designs. No cracking and no peeling, just straight up striking prints and great performance.

Whilst it seems like all work and no play, those stress relieving training sessions can really take it's toll on our fight gear. So when the inevitable happens and your boxing gloves begin to stink, simply put them in the washing machine at 40 degrees and leave to dry. 

Suitable for punch bag work outs, pad work and sparring, these gloves offer you great protection with their impact absorbing foam core.

Available in 10oz & 12oz in two stand-out designs - 'Oni Battle' Gloves (top image), 'The Balance' Gloves (bottom image)

The good news doesn't stop there - these gloves will also be available in 6oz & 8oz for kids!

In stock now!